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The day is full of purpose now that you found CCN Life, because we are a Christian Broadcast Program designed with you in mind. We believe that it is no accident that you're reading this today and that as you continue to read you'll discover how God is looking to manifest himself through this network.


We are the "Christian Church Network Life" and we are here to enlighten Christians on the things that has kept so many in the dark for so long. We are determined to bring the smaller churches into the marvelous light for the world to see so that they can become a part of what God has called them to be as it relates to the harvest of souls for the end times.


Search all the topics, and when you find the one that peaks your interest click on it to visit that page. Give us a feedback so that we can make improvements to suit your needs.




Can you picture your product in our store? That Is Good News!!! Our CCN Store is a special place for all those churches who broadcast their ministry with us. We are delighted to announce that our store is designed to market your products, i.e. Books, DVD series, Audio CDs and any other pertinent or marketable Christian-owned merchandise.


We are making a big push to monetize your efforts and to enhance your church where it concerns your finances. We hope to graduate you into a place where finances aren't always an issue so that you can keep with the word of God without any hindrance to your growth as a church.



Let's join hands and help each other to attain that common goal. This is the place to see your donations at work. The "Donations" page is also in place to help the churches who are partnered with CCN according to their needs. Visit the page by clicking on the "Donations" link.




We will also help your church by demonstrating how to self promote your video ministry on CCN. Help topics are in place to aid with the production and promotion of your broadcast, as well as on how to capture and edit your footage. Click Here to visit that page now.


Learn how to SELF-PUBLISH your book here. Click on the "Sel-Publish" link in this text to navigate to that page. Additionally, if you have a DVD teaching series, or an audio CD, you can SELF-Distribute and barcode them by use of some of the help topics on this site. Pre-packeged laminated decals will be sent out to all new members of CCN. These signs can be posted in your car window as a way to self-promote your broadcast on CCN.



The design here is to get the smaller churches back on track to usher in the end times as well as to receive the tides of transfer as spoken of in the Bible. Join us and celebrate the move of God in a mighty and glorious way. We hope you enjoy your visit with us. We want to encourage you to be a part of this broadcast. JOIN CCN today!


The Bible reads "And he said to them, Go you into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." From the American King Jams Bible, Mark 16:15. The reason we feel that the church has not move into the next step of getting the news Jesus out to the world is because of so many factors. The first is the fear of what to expect when getting involved with such a venture. We want you to try it out and so we're going to offer the first two weeks of service to the first twenty (20) churches who join us for FREE. CLICK HERE and see how.


Simply subscribe to CCN and set up an account, then upload your videos to our server and we'll do the rest. You must sign a release form, which you can download from our website and send to us by US mail. This will allow us to broadcast your image and that of your church members on CCN. TEST IT OUT today.


The cost to get into any radio or video broadcast today can run you well over $500 for a 30 minute broadcast, whereas CCN is offering it for the low introductory cost of just (Click Here To See Prices) for an entire 30 days. This price will take effect after the Free Trial period ends. This is truely unheard of! We want to be sure that you're happy with what you see before you decide to participate.


We want to stress that the reasons the churches aren't where they're suppose to be today is because of that minor fear of commiting to the unknown. The opportunity is here for you to get your Video Ministry on the air but you must be willing to make the sacrifice and move into the place where God has called you to be.


If the not knowing and the what "if's" has got the hold of you, we'll provide you with additional courage to take the next step. Legal Shield is a legal service which provides legal advise and much more for $19.00 a month. Legal Shield is a cost effective means of understanding your rights before agreeing to sign any document that would not be beneficial to you as an individual or entity.


Click on the link above to visit that page, or cotact us for more information as to how to connect with a representative of Legal Shield and we will connect you. 


Disclaimer: Unless otherwise specified, CCN Life is in no way connected to, nor do we promote the use of Legal Shield. Additionally, CCN is not connected with any of the companies that are listed on this site as a help topic in any way. CCN does not conduct business with any of the companies listed on this website as it pertains to the help sections.


The help section is in place to give you some of the basic tools to get you on your path to the efficient use of your hard earned finances. We encourage you to research, ask questions, then make your decision only when you find that it is favorable to do so.


The many help topics listed on this site is for you to research and to use as you see fit. Always do your homework with any of the help topics you find on our site. These topics are in place to help spark your imagination and to move you to action and into the many blessings that God has for you, your church and your life!


Push forward, the harvest awaits.


Click Here to join CCN today.

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