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Un Mensaje Del Pastor Daniel Gordon

Victor Hogan Sr.


Good morning Body of Christ, family & friends.
Once again, I'd like to follow up with you on the end-time messages that was laid on my heart, to share with those that are interested.

I realize that some of you do not want to hear these types of messages because you think it's too scary. I will rather scare some of you than not tell you the truth of God's warnings. This is the reason why he put these messages in the Bible, to warn some people and to encourage others.
You have the liberty to disagree, or dismiss these messages, I wouldn't be mad at you. I love you too much for that.
I hope you'll understand why I'm so passionate about sharing these messages with you.

Today I want to follow up with the previous message.
This one deals with the signs that will precede the coming of Jesus the Messiah. I will also be sharing the final signs that will usher in the AntiChrist, which will lead to the seven-year Tribulation spoken of in the book of Revelations . These signs will let you know how close we are to the coming of Christ. No one truly knows the exact time of the return of Christ, but he gives us warnings, leading up to his coming. This is my intent.
For now, keep your eyes on Israel and what is getting ready to happen with the Dome. The destruction and rebuilding of that Temple.
Bible prophecy implies that Israel will become a Nation, and they will migrate back to Israel In the end times. This prophecy was fulfilled in May of 1948, when the Jews began to migrate back to their motherland of Israel. You can Google this.
They will return to their old way of worship, the offering of sacrificial animals for repentance of their sins, as they did in Old Testament times, while they still look forward to the return of the Messiah.
What will happen is, when the AntiChrist (666) is revealed, the Jewish people who did not believe that Jesus is the Messiah, will be deceived by him. Even those people who don't believe that Jesus is the Savior, will follow suit and be deceived as well.
That's something you need to know as a warning from scriptures. That's why God warned us of great deceptions in the last days.
I will be sharing these events by way of videos, such as this one. He that have ears to hear, let him hear what thus says the Lord:

Victor Hogan Sr.

April 2 at 2:33 PM ·

"Signs Of The Time"

Before you view the video bellow, please be sure to read the context to which I'm sharing.

This is what I believe, based on scriptures:

I believe we're living in a time zone where God is sending out messages to the world, but many are ignoring & dismissing these messages. Some are even looking at Christians and saying we are crazy to believe the Bible.

Throughout history, God has been sending warning signs to make us aware of things to come.

He told Noah to build an Ark, because he was about to send a flood. The purpose of the flood was because of man rebelled against God.

He told Abraham to warn the people of impending destruction that will come against Sodom & Gomorrah because of their sinful ways. They ignored him and continued to live in their sin. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

He told Moses to go warn Pharoh to let his people go from keeping the children of Israel in slavery. Pharoh refused to set God's people free.
So God destroyed Pharoh and his people.

Today God has sent out another message, and I believe that this could be one of the last and final warning to the people of today, due to the magnitude of man's sin in these times.
Notice that this warning was sent to the entire world, not just a particular country or race of people:

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