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Praying to God everyday has to be the greatest blessing of all times! This prayer line is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to keep you charged! This is serious business to all who will need prayer and is unable to attend. Prayers all always available here for you.


Tune in as the need arises, and leave whenever it pleases you. We will also have a 24 hours call in prayer line to address specific prayer needs. To simply be able to tune in to ongoing prayers when you want to is an incredible thing to experience.


We expect that many will find healing for their many needs by simply tuning in where the move of God is taking place around the clock. Even if you can call but decide to listen in and pray along that is ok with us. We're always glad to have you and we know you'll find your blessing here.


We'll also have the "Prayer of Salvation" in between prayer broadcast for those who are lost and in need of the saving knowledge of Jesus.

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