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The "Marriage" series is based on viewer issues in their family and relationships. This segment seeks to bring the family unit back together the way that God intended it to be.


The program features a call in forum for viewers to participate. All family related topics will be discussed to include "Couples" as it relates to marriage, "What to expect" as it concerns dating, as well as already married couples within the Christian community.


This segment is for an age appropriate audience, for adults only! To view this broadcast the viewer must sign in to participate.

Click above to sign up for the broadcast. Otherwise, read about some of the other programs slated for production on this page.

For questions or comments, send us a message below

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The "Children Series" seeks to nurture the understanding of the underage. The series provides assistance with school work during the week and gives the up and coming generation a basis for their education. It teaches the child real life applications of the Bible as it relates to their real world.


We will show them how their school education and their Bible world coinicide. The series provides a reward system to promote learning.


The show will premier on Saturday morning and may include a animated series, as well as other age apropriate programs.


School Work will be five days a week Monday through Friday and will include many help topics to aid the child in their progress.


To set up the "Children Series" for your child, Click Here

Matthew 19:14 reads, "But Jesus said, Suffer the little children and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. K.J.V.

"Pastors Talk" will be one of the first talks shows to air on CCN Life. Biblical truths will be taught on a pastoral level. The idea is to nurture the understanding of our church leaders, as well as up and coming pastors everywhere!


The show will feature a call in forum where pastors can air their questions, or give their insight to questions posed as it pertains to the Gospel of Grace.


Pastors from all walks of life will participate to bring all into a deeper theoretical knowledge of the scriptures.






The Founder and President of CCN wishes to thank God, first and foremost, and the many pastors, preachers and teachers who will participate, in advance.


Hector L. Hogan is Founder, President and Owner of CCN Life.


Welcome to "Witnessing" 101 class for beginners. In this section you'll find video tutorials and Bible tracts on "How To Witness" in all areas of your Christian walk.


This area is designed to teach you how to "Witness to people of other faiths. Witnessing to a none believer. Witnessing to your friends. Witnessing to people in the work place, at school, etc."


Click Here to join the Witnessing class.

"Understanding Bible Scripture" is a CCN teaching series geared toward young adults from all walks of life.


This segment is viewer supported and seeks to educate its audience on a more intermediate level of the Bible.


The viewer will follow the teaching series on this website and correctly answer questions.


According to their progress, the student will have an opportunity to appear on a future broadcast to talk about the things they've accomplished as a result of watching this series.


This slot is an open opportunity for a well founded Bible teacher. If you feel that you are the person for this position, please submit your resume for our review.


Be sure to provide a form of contact, weather it be by phone or email. Click Here for more info

We have plenty more to offer with our singles ministry. So please join our "Singles Ministry" so that we can all hang out and do really cool things in the Lord.


When God made Adam He determined that it was not good for him to be alone and so He created Eve as his companion. This was the very first union of a man and a woman. This truth continues up until today.


We invite all the Christian singles to put their faith to the test and believe God for a Christian partner. You'll be glad you did.


Details about this broadcast is yet to be announced, so come back often to check for what's new with "The Singles Ministry."


Drop us a line with your thoughts as to the "Singles Ministry. enter "Singles Ministry" in the "Subject" line.


Tell us your thoughts as to what you think the topics should be and how you think we should go about presenting those ideas. Be as detailed as you'd like, as everything you say could potetially be a part of our broadcast.

Battered Women

No more Bettered Women Syndrome. Join the cause to eliminate battered women issues everywhere. Let's all work together to bring about change.


Click Here to join the Battered Women cause. God bless.

Join the Homeless cause and help to bring about change. You wouldn't wish this on your family member.


Let's work together to abolish homelessness! We thank you in advance.


Click Here to join the Homeless Ministry.

Prison Ministry

Luke 4:18 says, "The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free." N.I.V. 


Click Here to join the Prison Ministry

"Real Talk" deals with the real issues about life and death. It addresses the things that we have become afraid to talk about. It is a real Christian view of real Christian topics. Tune in to this broadcast and be liberated in the name of Jesus!


God pesistently tries to show us His love, so why do we fail to receive it? All of those questions and many more will be addressed on "Real Talk."

What is "Practical Christian Living?" It is Believing in God, expecting to do everything by taking action which is activating our faith. We must take action for God's miracle to take effect. It is knowing that God is there and He will move when you do; that is called living by faith. It is going to see your doctor when something is wrong as well as getting prayer for the problem. Exercise your faith and watch God move in your natural situation and give you supernatural results.


It is not neglecting yourself. It is not forcing everything you want on others and not making them feel guilty because you want something for free in God's name. It is believing in God and activating your faith by moving on what you believe to see the results. He is God and He will bring the answers.

It is knowing that God will provide and still going to work to earn a living. Tune in to this broadcast and get a real life view on "Practical Christian Living!"

Being in good health generates a great outlook on life in your daily walk with God. In the times of Jesus their were no cars. Their means of transportation was mostly on foot.


How much more healthier we would be if we walk, or ride our bikes and eat healthier. Try starting your day with a healthy meal and a nice walk.


At CCN we believe that to be healthy has many benefits, Godly qualities and effects. The qualities that are most pronounced is the Christ like glow that says to everyone, "I am walking in blessings!" Walk in blessings, my friend.


Adam and Eve

In Harmony


Adam and Eve, living in pefect union with the Almighty God until the day came that woman, who was taken from the rib cage of man, decided to disobeye God and take of the forbidden fruit of the garden. As Adam witnessed this he understood that separation from her meant also separation from himself, as she is a part of him.


Because of that sense of disconnect between Adam and that part of him called Eve, he had to make a discision... does he obeye the voice of his creator? Or should he live on in the garden missing that part of himself which is Eve created from his very own rib. The decision was a daunting one for Adam. This is probably why our Christian walk is based in faith, which means we trust in God alone.


Adam came to the conclusion that he could not go on without that part of himself and he took of the fruit causing a devide between mankind and God. Adam chose his bride over God and all mankind fell with him. Adams death was his and our separation from God.


He was cast out of the garden to toil all the days of his life. Adam died for his wife Eve, and mankind, his seed, inherited the curse of his action and he was lost without hope, as a result. Man became sin on this day.


The fall of man must have been felt throughout the universe, and so God made a decision that because of one man sin came into world, through one man sin would be eradicated from it as well! The union between man and God would be restored based on those same principles. Before Adam and Eve sinned man never knew physical death. But after he sinned, physical death became a reality to all mankind.


When Jesus came to the earth as a man, he came with the same idea in mind that when He died a physical death His death would restore mankind to God. The Bible called the believers, the "Body of Christ." In essence, that rib that was taken from Adam, God took and created a whole other human-being, namely Eve, who was made from the rib cage of Adam.


The Church, in essence, is the Rib of Christ, or the Body of Christ, noted also as His Bride. He came to put an end to the disconnect between mankind and God Himself. The lost was more than he could bare so He gave His very life for the Church, to bring her back to Himself, just as Adam did for Eve in the garden. In essence saving her from a separation death and physical death. In essence, separation from God is physical death since there is no life outside of God, the giver of Life!


In the the Garden of Eden God breathe the breath of life into Adam and he became a living soul. The Bible says of Jesus that "In Him was life and that life was the light of men. In essence, Jesus is that breath of life that God breathe into Adam.


Jesus didn't become that life, he is that Life. God breathe the breathe of life into Adam. God breathe the essence of Jesus into Adam. In Him was life, Jesus that is. Life is in Him and He is life. The life in Jesus is also a guiding light back to the life source which is God. Jesus came to restore mankind to God, the source of all life. How many miracles did Jesus perform when He called people back from the dead? "In Him was life." He has the ability to give life since He Himself is LIFE. This is how God and Jesus are one.


God used the same principles to restore life to Himself, as the devil used to take it away when he deceived man to betray God. Where as Adam died with his bride, onto death! Jesus died for His bride, onto life, to save her from the effects of sin which is death!

Welcome To CCN Life. This is the place to be!

CCN is the place where you'll find revelation knowledge of Jesus, and where the many secrets of the Bible will be unveiled through the Holy Spirit to inhance the chosen of God and to bring all into a better understanding of His word.


Our main goal here at CCN is to broadcast the good news that Jesus has come into the world and that salvation is available to all who will repent and accept Him today


John 3:16 says, "For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever  believes on Him should not perish but have everlasting life." And so we preach salvation today.


CCN is also the place where Christ' church will make an impact for the end of the ages. To sign up for our broadcast and be a part of the team that will usher in the glorious return of our Messiah, Jesus Christ,  Click Here, or simply keep watching our broadcast. You will be blessed by simply doing so.

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