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Welcome to Pastor Carlo Lorde's Page for the First Baptist Church of Paraiso

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Our hope and mission is to build a Christian Community Network for people of all backgrounds. We are seeking to bring the Christian people together for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week of all Christian content programs. Below you will find links to the many programs slated for production on CCN. Please com back for updates.

The logotype text is designed so that the user of this site can easily navigate the site and find topics of interest. Feel free to share these topics with friends and family so that everyone can participate in the great things that God has prepared for His people.

Click on any of the topics below this text to visit that page.

Higher Learning Bible Study

Educating Young Minds

The logotype text are just a few of the talk shows and ministries we are working on for our viewers.


If you share an interest and find that you can be of service in any of these areas please feel free to contact us with your ideas for any of our future programs.

Please stay safe during these trying times and know that God is always in control.

God bless.

Seeking solutions for those in need

Hope For The Shut Ins

Real Christian Talk

Practical Christian Living

Un Mensaje De Mi Primo Pastor Daniel Gordon



Un Mensaje De Mi Primo Pastor Daniel Gordon



Find Christian Singles


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Make Your Own Covid 19 Mask Not N95

Tune In For Prayer 24 Hours A day

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